CCM Shuffle Alley, repair #9

We recently purchased a warehouse load of 40 games, and this was one of the games. It’s a 1970 Chicago Coin shuffle alley. It’s a really good puck bowler, using a faster score motor revolution, so games go pretty quick. Also the lane width on this alley is wider than the 1969 United shuffle alley we recently had. This makes the play more fun as angle shoots are easier with the added lane width. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we need to talk abut how we repaired the game.


Going to the backbox, there’s an amazing amount of “stuff” back here to service.


Across the top is a row of 7 stepper units (strike/spare unit for each of the 6 players, plus a 10th frame unit.) Then there’s a Frame stepper below that, and a Player stepper below that. All these need to be taken apart. The original grease used to lubricate them has solidified, so the stepper units don’t step up or reset very well. There’s also 24 score reels, but luckily those were moving nicely, so we didn’t torture ourselves with those!


The Player unit (shown below) is particularly difficult to service. It’s a two layer stepper, and both layers need to be cleaned with alcohol, then 400 grit sand paper, then lubed with Teflon gel lube. In addition the ratchet cams need to have their pivot points cleaned and re-lubed.


On the back door there’s a couple additional steppers, one to select the different games, and a motorized Flash stepper. Again these needed to be cleaned and lubed. The score motor also needed attention (shown below), cleaning with alcohol and 400 grit sand paper, and then lubed with Teflon gel lube. Also each switch (which is cam operated) on the score motor needed to be checked for adjustment. All the other relays on the back door are also checked for proper switch adjustment. Note we didn’t have to do much to the Reset Bank (thankfully.)


Underneath the lane section are the switches which sense the puck. These all needed their switch stacks tightened, and some minor adjustment. This is all very typical stuff when servicing a shuffle bowler.


Last up is the pin deck. This is always a source of problems, as people love to grab the pins and twist, causing all sorts of problems. Also this assembly is very mechanical and gets used a lot, so it always needs some love.


First we checked each pin release relay. Often the metal relay activator plate stop latch (upper blue arrow) gets bent back, giving the relay plate too much travel. You want only the smallest amount of travel, so it takes very little relay plate movement to release the pin. (The lower blue arrow shows where the plate latches to the pin release mechanism.)


We removed the entire pin deck to service the bottom side. All the pins will be replaced, and the pin release mechanisms serviced. First we replace all the pin retract foam. This gets dried out over time. New foam ensures that the pins won’t break when they retract and hit the plywood surface. New foam was bought at Home Depot (3/4″ wide, 3/8″ thick), it has one side with adhesive. For good measure we also staple the foam so it doesn’t fall off.


The pin retraction mechanism is also serviced. The pin is removed via an “E” clip, and the nylon riders cleaned. The pin is wire brushed, and the release tracks polished with 600 grit sandpaper.


The parts are then reassembled “dry” (though a touch of Teflon gel lube does work well on the tracks.)


The picture below shows the new pins installed on the retraction mechanisms. They look pretty good!


New pins are always nice, they really brighten up a shuffle alley.


Overall we were really happy with how the CCM shuffle alley came out. It plays really fast and fun with the wide lane. This game also has a “Speed Flash” game. Everyone like Flashomatic, where you have to not only throw the puck accurately but also time the shot, but Speed Flash really is tough. In this mode the Flash motor runs twice the speed. ZOOM!

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