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This pinball repair blog will detail game restoration and information on the games that come into the Detroit Pinball Club. It will reflect mostly games repaired, but will also include other games too (that we repair for people and club members in their homes.) The idea of this blog is to be informational – hopefully you’ll find some interesting tidbits of repair information that you can use.

Note we also buy pinball games. If you have a pinball machine or other (non-video) arcade game for sale, please contact us at info@michpinball.com or call 248-390-5382. Generally we pay anywhere from $100 to $5000 for a game (title and condition dependant.) Since we are a club with members of all ages, we’re looking for pinball (and EM arcade games) from all eras (1930s to present.) Thanks!

Note we do not resell games (generally speaking.) We buy games to populate and restore at the club/museum, that’s the mission here.

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