Bally Party Zone pinball, repair #7

Another game that came was a 1991 Bally Party Zone pinball. The playfield was completely disassembled too, as the prior owner (now deceased) had taken all the parts off the top of the playfield. We believe he was going to clear coat the playfield, though frankly we couldn’t figure out why (the playfield was very nice!)


Since the prior owner wasn’t available for questions, we had to assume we had all the parts for the game. He seemed very organized, so it all looked good. He had also purchased new ramps and plastics. Aside from rubber and posts, everything seemed to be there. So we started down the path of re-assembling the playfield. It took several days and some thinking (and referring to pictures on the Internet Pinball Database), but we were very happy with the results.


Now that the playfield was assembled, it was time to fix the game. First up was some battery corrosion. The game clearly hadn’t been touched in many years, and the batteries had started to leak. So we installed a new remote battery holder (standard policy.) Amazingly the GI (general illumination) connectors were in good condition and didn’t need to be replaced.


Last thing was to fix the dot matrix display – it was missing two vertical columns on the right side of the display. The issue was clear to see, the pins were broken. To fix this the pins were soldered together using a very fine and small soldering iron. After doing this and putting the game in display test, the missing two columns now worked. (This is good as new displays are expensive.)


With the game complete, it was installed in the dot matrix row, ready for play!



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